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By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect 


 Cycling downtown gives a view of municipal work by architects from Number TEN.

A cyclist meanders his way through downtown traffic.  Photo by Mike Pratt.

Most mid-sized North American cities have struggled to maintain a healthy downtown retail market. Winnipeg is no different. Shops that once lined Portage Avenue have been replaced by government offices and for lease signs. Longtime anchors such as Eaton's and Holt Renfrew are now only a memory and The Bay is withering away like a fruit clinging to a branch in late autumn.

By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect 



‘THAT money could be better spent fixing our city’s crumbling roads."

This familiar sentiment is often heard following any new spending announcement that comes out of Winnipeg city hall.

From downtown development grants and rapid transit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Esplanade Riel, the value of many projects is publicly weighed against the number of potholes the investment could have otherwise filled.

By Nadine Pearson, Architectural Intern

Nadine P Blog

 Number TEN worked on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights' restaurant, an honour for our architects.













The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has been tagged as one of the world’s most progressive buildings. The unique architectural form supported by a complex network of engineering systems creates a spectacle unlike any other in Canada.

By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect 


 Luke's Machinery Co. an icon on Winnipeg's Main Street strip and a project of Number TEN's architects.

IN the past decade, downtown has experienced development and renewal. To keep up with increasing electrical demand and serve this growth, Manitoba Hydro will soon begin construction on a new $62-million substation downtown.

It will be located on a large parking lot at the corner of Adelaide Street and Notre Dame Avenue, previously owned by nearby Calvary Temple. As part of the transaction to secure the property, Hydro agreed to replace the church parking by co-ordinating the purchase of an adjacent 40-stall lot with the intent of demolishing four commercial buildings along Notre Dame to make room for another 35 cars. An application to the city for a demolition permit has not yet been submitted, but intentions to do so have been made public.

By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect 


62M Condo

An artist's conception of the 62M condo project, a hybrid wood/concrete-frame building near the Disreali Bridge. Designers are expanding the possibility of wood-frame construction thanks to new technologies. (RENDERING BY 5468796 ARCHITECTURE)

Prosperous residents make prosperous cities. With housing costs typically constituting the largest portion of personal expenditures, housing affordability has become a principal determinant of the standard of living in urban areas. Access to adequate housing plays an important role in building strong communities and is a vital social indicator of health, equality and inclusion.

Consistently rising real estate values during the last decade have made access to affordable housing a difficult challenge for cities across Canada. In Winnipeg, since 2005 the average cost of a home has increased by 100 per cent and rental rates have grown by 70 per cent, while the average annual income has increased by only 34 per cent.

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